4 Stunning Blue Bedroom Ideas (Especially for Master Bedroom)

There are many blue bedroom ideas that you can take as inspiration when decorating bedroom. Having blue-themed bedroom is indeed relaxing as the color is warm and peaceful. If you want to know about this idea, below are some inspirations for you.

Ombre Blue Bedroom

One of the best ways to create blue-themed bedroom is by using ombre technique. Blue is a very playful color with many shades. It is perfect to have graduated shades from light to dark.

The ombre technique can be applied on the walls and ceilings. Well, you can use these following shades to be arranged into ombre.

  • Denim
  • Blue
  • Cobalt
  • Teal
  • Sky Blue

Blue Bedroom With Accent Walls

Blue Bedroom With Accent Walls
Image Source: elledecor.com

The favorite shades are usually the ones with darker tone. Sadly, darker color is not great to paint small bedroom. Instead of making the room looks bigger, darker shades, including denim blue, indigo, and peacock blue, make a room looks smaller.

Therefore, you should use the technique of accent walls. It is basically just coloring one side of the wall with blue and leaves the other sides with lighter shade, such as white.

Besides accent walls, you have to try painting light blue or sky blue for ceiling. It is very effective to make the room looks higher. Moreover, it is one of the most popular small bedroom ideas to try.

Bedroom with Navy Blue and White Combinations

Bedroom With Navy Blue And White Combinations
Image Source: shutterfly.com

When you want a blue-themed room but you do not want to overdo the blue shades, you can try color combinations.
Just like the infamous black and white, blue can be paired with other colors, too. The most popular color to accompany blue is lighter color, like white.

Choose darker shade of blue, such as navy blue (you can try indigo or peacock as well) and pair it with white color. You can arrange the combinations in various patterns, such as stripes or dots. You can also paint random shapes to create abstract pattern.

The combination between navy blue and white offers the room an incredible contrast. The contrast is crisp but capable to bring warmth to the room. This is why this idea becomes one of the best blue bedroom ideas to consider.

Rustic-Themed Blue Bedroom

If you have bedroom with rustic theme, you can add blue to the room to make it more stunning. Blue is definitely looking great with wood tones.

Blue and wooden colors, like brown and beige, create an elegant-looking room. For this particular theme, just use the shades of blue that are not too dark, but not too light as well.

Use the shades of cobalt blue, sapphire, and Persian blue to be combined with wooden colors. However, if you use lighter wooden colors, combine it with darker shades of blue like Prussian blue or midnight blue.

Those are some of the best ideas if you plan to have blue-themed bedroom. Those blue bedroom ideas above are easy to apply and capable to make your bedroom even more stunning.

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