4 Useful and Important Affirmations for Success (Daily Life Inspiration)

People use affirmation to force and penetrate their conscious in order to belief something. Simple example is the words that define positive meaning and action. More affirmations for success are presented nowadays in many fields.

In the morning, you may state that today is your success. That is the example of affirmation using precise and focus words. It declares, forces, affirms, and pushes your mind to belief and do action in real life. There are several aspects related to affirmation.

Self-Concept And Self-Efficacy

Self-Concept And Self-Efficacy
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Affirmation has strong relation to self-concept and self-efficacy. Both seems similar, but have core difference. Self-concept focuses on belief to oneself. If people have good self-concept, they do not have doubt feeling.

On the other side, self-efficacy relies on capability to handle task. Person with high self-efficacy has confident to complete job, task, and assignment. In simple term self-efficacy is related to ability to accomplish task or succeed in specific situation.

Affirmation strengthens both in individual personality and action. As you can see, lack of self-efficacy reduces human skill to survive in distress event.


Self-affirmation comes from internal factor. If you believe for something, that is called self-affirmation. Any word you said is based on what you truly think and feel. Internal factor does not work when someone is in stress situation.

Many companies provide training with topic about self-development and affirmation. In those events, they give words or sentences that represent self-affirmation. You need to write them in paper then stick on whatever places that can be seen

Positive Affirmation

Positive Affirmation
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When discussing about affirmations for success, it refers to positive one. However, affirmation might turn negative for specific purpose. In long run, that’s very dangerous, especially for person with low self-esteem

Several methods improve positive vibe. Feeling, and thinking in human life. You will see few of them at below list.

  • Use positive word to express negativity.
  • Use your own word, even very simple and grammatically odd.
  • Simple sentences and precise objective.
  • Create more than one sentences for single purpose with vary words.
  • Repeat, repeat, and repeat until automatically attached on your mind.

Affirmation will succeed if you do not need to write down words. In any situation, they come out easily because of part of your brain. In certain case, person only know affirmation core, not the entire sentences. That is good starting point to get positive affirmation in life.

Affirmative by action

You use affirmative by words to boost self-efficacy, motivation, positive thinking, and self-concept. In specific situation, words from mouth are not enough. It takes action to assert and affirm certain thing. This is where affirmative by action begins to recognize.

Keep in mind, this term may be similar to what commonly called as affirmative action. It is regulation or policy to eradicate discrimination in specific group.

In affirmative by action, person asserts positive attitude and behavior to target specific group. As result, they can behave and do something to fulfill what affirmation objective. This is important when trying affirmations for success.

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