4 Terrific Names of Tallest Mountain in the World (Including Volcanoes)

More than 100 mountains have peak greater 7,000 meter. To measure it, researchers and experts use sea level as basis. Which one is the tallest mountain in the world? Everyone already has the answer, Mount Everest.

In earth, there are several locations where mountains with top height are located. Most of them are in Asian mountain terrain, known as Himalaya. In certain countries, the mountain only has single peak, such as Kilimanjaro in Africa and several mountains in Southeast Asia.

Himalaya Mountains

Himalaya Mountains
Image Source: tibettravel.org

When discussing about mountain height, Himalaya should be on different category. It contains approximately one hundred peaks. Most of them are greater than 7,000 meters, including Mount Everest. Below list provides several names on those peaks.

  • Mount Everest, 8848 m
  • K2/Godwin Austen, 8611 m
  • Kanchenjunga, 8596 m
  • Lhotse, 8516 m
  • Makalu, 8485 m

Himalaya is located in several countries, such as India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, China, and Afghanistan. It starts from west – northwest to reach east – southeast. Bhutan is country where the entire area is in Himalaya.

Mountains in Europe

Several countries in Europe have mountains with leak more than 5,000 meters. On the other side, there are also countries with area below sea level.

Another location besides Himalaya with many high terrains is Caucasus. Several regions belong to Asia countries, but some areas include in Europe. Highest peak is in Russia, Mount Elbrus. It has top peak at 5,642 meter.

The next ones are Dykh-tau, Shkara, Koshtan-Tau, and Mount Kazbek. Dykh-tau and Koshtan-Tau belong to Russia region. Shkara and Mount Kazbek are located in Georgia. Another highest peak comes from Georgia, called Tetnuldi 4853 meter.

Mountains In America

Mountains In America
Image Source: eaglecreek.com

America also has several peak, summit, and mountain with elevation more than 6,000 meters. North and South America are different, but each has mountain terrains.

In North America, Alaska is perfect place if you want to visit the tallest mountain in the world. There are Denali, Mount Logan, Pico de Orizaba, Mount Saint Elias, and Popocatepetl. Each has elevation 6190, 5959, 5636, 5489, and 5410.

In South America, you will find Andes Mountains located from north to south area in center of continent. The top peak is Aconcagua with elevation is 6,862. Interesting thing about this area is next peaks, which belong to volcano.

Highest Volcanoes

Next section is about volcano, not regular mountains. The ring of fire is the area where volcanoes, dormant or not, stand each other to follow certain path. The most popular one is located in Pacific Ocean.

Besides, there are many volcanoes with peaks more than 4,000 meters. At the top list, you will find the peak from Argentina called Ojos Del Salado and Monte Pissis. Both have elevation 6893 and 6793. Gap between one and another is just 100 meters.

The next volcanoes are Cruces, Tipas, incahuasi, Tupungato, and Nevado Sajama. They are the part of Andes terrains located in Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia. As the tallest mountain in the world, they have height more than 6.000 meters.

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