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5 Simple Bathroom Storage Ideas (Stylist yet Functional)

It is never been easy to organize your tiny bathroom. The plan must cover hygiene, limited space, and every family member taste to make it comfortable and still functional. Luckily, there are some simple bathroom storage ideas to transform you bathroom.

Why does storages play important role in bathroom designing? Well, since there will be many personal things around; you need space to save them all. But it doesn’t have to always be boring and dull.

Wooden Baskets for a Natural Style Bathroom

Wooden Baskets For A Natural Style Bathroom
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Do you have unused fruit basket made from wood? Don’t throw it away! Basket actually makes a great storage place for personal tools in the bathroom. If it is too boring, you can always repaint the basket and put some accessories to make it livelier.

Pick sturdy baskets that have similar color and size. Then, attach the baskets to some curtain rods. Now you have DIY stylish basket storage for bathroom.

‘Outer Space’ Storage

This idea is named ‘outer space’ since it was designed to use the wasted space above the door that seems unreachable – but actually it is not. The Outer Space Storage is suitable for small bathroom ideas.

To apply this idea, you need to add shelves above the door. This storage allows you to save some infrequently used toiletries tools and items such as toilet paper stocks. You can reach the storage only by a ladder.

Ladders it All

The next simple bathroom storage ideas come from a ladder. Yes, you can make storage for your personal tools using a ladder. The recommended ladder that can be used is the one that made from wood. It gives an aesthetic and pleasing view for your small bathroom.

By using a ladder, it is possible for you to arrange the storage position based on how frequent you use the items. If you always use towel, then put it in the eye level. For the less frequent items, put them on the lower level.

Electronic Tools Storage

Finding a perfect storage or all styling tools, such as flat irons or curling irons, can be exhausting. If you don’t put the electronic in a suitable place, it is more likely for them to be dangerous. Moreover, putting them on top of a cabinet won’t be the best solution, right?

Try to use a metal file box. This box can be put inside of a toilet cabinet or on side of a sink. The box is strong and tends to drier rather than wood storage so it is safe for all electronic tools.

Using Plant Pots? Why Not!

  • Find some flower pots that have similar size and shape
  • Repaint the pots. To make it look more playful and bright, use pastel colors rather than bold one
  • Put the pots on a shelves
  • Now the plant pots storage are ready. You can save make up brushes here or tooth brushes here

That’s all bathroom storage ideas that are simple yet sophisticated. Once again, small bathroom is not a limitation for your creative mind.

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