Decorating Your Restroom: Clear the Clutter!

Enter into the majority of people’s bathrooms (and my bathroom enters into this category regrettably) you will discover plastic bottles of all sizes and shapes crowded around the sides of the bath and on racks. Shampoos, conditioners, bath gels and oils, talc etc not to point out various exfoliants, loofahs and sponges. And you can practically ensure that a number of them will be almost empty. So you can start off embellishing your restroom by making some area which will then let the chi energy flow more easily. Be ruthless! If you are a hoarder it may be difficult for you at first however follow this guideline – if it hasn’t been used for 3 months, the possibilities are that you are not going to utilize it so out it goes! However remember to be “green” – utilize the plastic recycling bin and offer your bottles another lease of life.

Take a Look at Cupboard Contents


Now let’s take a look at the cupboard contents. The one under the sink must include the restroom cleansing items. Do not forget security rules though – if there are infants or toddlers in your home and you can’t lock the cabinet, put them up somewhere greater, out of reach. The factor to have the cleaning products close at hand is since you can clean up any spills or stains such as toothpaste on the mirror. You will have no reason for not having an immaculate restroom at all times.

Mirrors must be spotless: they ought to shimmer and show the light. A shelf beneath is an excellent idea particularly if it is a glass one. These are simpler to clean up and provide more of a sense of area. Likewise they match all décors. You can leave all the things there you need on a daily basis such as tooth brushes and toothpaste, make up cleaner, shaving cream and so on. But, after use, put the caps back on to keep to that sense of order and cleanliness.


Make certain that your restroom is well ventilated to stop the develop of possibly health threatening mould. Leave the door and the window open and pull the shower curtain right across so that it can dry effectively. If you are unlucky and there is no window put a fan heating unit at the entryway and let the hot air face the room for a while.

Your Bathroom Needs to be Well

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Your bathroom needs to be well lit particularly if there is not a great deal of natural light. If you only have a light in the centre of the ceiling try including a couple of spotlights over the mirror as well. This will help the women with their comprise and the gentlemen with their shaving. An improperly lit space makes you want to leave rapidly, to spend as little time as possible there. A bathroom is not simply for your day-to-day ablutions; what you ought to aim for is a haven of peace and serenity where you want to spend a lot of me time to get away the trials and tribulations of every day life.

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