Growing Squash: The Complete Guide to Plant Till Harvest Squash

One of my fondest memories is being out in the backyard and also choosing squash with my mother-in-law. As a number of you recognize (I wrote about it right here), we lost my mother-in-law practically 5 months earlier. It has actually been a difficult shift.

However it has actually motivated me all the more to press onward with homesteading because of just how much she thrived from it.

So this year, I intend to grow the largest and best yard yet with lots of stunning squash plants. Due to the fact that I can’t recall a lot more plants she enjoyed more than a squash plant. Perhaps tomatoes, but I believe that would certainly be the only plant that she babied greater than the squash.

Which leads me to cara menanam post on exactly how to grow squash. We are mosting likely to cover all of it so allow’s jump to it.

Sorts of Squash to Grow

Squash grows a lot of the year. You have summertime squash and winter squash. Depending upon where you live, you may be able to grow squash earlier or later in the year. These are several of one of the most popular varieties:


Our initial range of squash is an acorn squash. It obtains the name by appearance since it resembles an acorn. This sort of squash is a great choice for roasting.



Butternut squash is a rather typical selection of squash. It is utilized in numerous dishes as well as is functional. It is excellent for roasting or for turning into soup too.


This squash is one that is native in exotic regions. It looks a lot like a pumpkin and also is wonderful for cooking too.


This squash is an additional kind of winter season squash. It is one-of-a-kind in appearance with its stripes but is also terrific for roasting and stuffing.


This squash is an excellent selection if you are trying to get away from potatoes. The reason is that is wonderful for mashing, you can mix it too, or make pies.


This variety of squash is one that is best used in soups. So if you are a soup individual, then you’ll most definitely intend to take into consideration expanding this sort of squash.


We allow pumpkin people in my residence. My youngsters like pumpkin pies and also pumpkin is likewise wonderful for pets as well as animals too. If you would certainly such as a functional squash, then go with pumpkin as it can be made use of to make pancakes, pies, risottos, and also fast breads.


This squash has actually been all of the rage all of a sudden. Considering that so many people have uncovered an allergy to gluten, many use this squash in the area of pasta.



This is my preferred. It is a summertime squash as well as can be used in various dishes. I like the bright colors too.


Our last squash is the zucchini. It is green in shade and also easy to grow also. It too is a summer season squash and also can be utilized in many different meals.

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