How to Transfer Paper for Clothes: Six Elaborate Steps for Great Result

There are many ways to realize design on fabric clothes. In modern days, digital printing becomes quite the hype. However, there are people who still use transfer paper method. How to transfer paper for clothes?

The process is a little bit long and tedious teespro.id. Nonetheless, it is still a common method to use. The following part will explain the steps of using transfer paper for textile designing purpose very clearly.

Choosing Appropriate Fabric

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Not all clothes will work well with this designing method. Usually the natural fabric is going to endure heat press treatment. Meanwhile synthetic fabric that is thin will instantly melt away due to the heat.

Cotton material clothing is a great medium for this cloth designing method. Thick synthetic fabric like polyester actually will be able to handle the heat well. Lycra and nylon are also suitable for transfer paper method.

Choosing the Heat Press Equipment

Once you have seen the kind of fabric that you are working with, you can choose the heat press equipment to be used. The equipment’s size depends on intended design size. Every machine has distinctive characteristics.

Slide-out drawer and clamshell machines are among the most common heat press equipment used in textile. For smaller scale project though, you can use regular household ironing machine. It will do the work just fine.

Picking the Right Transfer Paper Material

An important step in how to transfer paper for clothes is picking the right transfer paper material. There are several things that may affect your choice. First, you need to consider the printing machine used.

The type of design that will be made also needs to be taken into consideration. In addition to that, the color of clothes that will be designed will also affect the kind of transfer paper material.

Arranging the Design

This is a quite fun step. Designer should have the exact concept prior to designing the clothes because it affects the aforementioned steps. The size and shape should match its medium well.

There are various software programs available to help designers realizing their concepts. It is important for designer to note that the design should be reversed. The reason is so that it can appear like it is intended to be once applied.

Printing the Design

After the design has been arranged, it is time for printing. It does not matter if you are using ink jet or laser printing machine as long as the transfer paper is made of the right material.

Testing the result is quite pivotal. Sometimes, the color that is made in designing software does not come out as it is intended to on paper. Because of that, correction should be made continuously before application.

Using the Heat Press Equipment

The last step is execution. Prepare all the tools and materials necessary for this step. You need to be careful because you are handling hot equipment.

This step should be done on solid and flat surface so the result will not be wonky. The machine should produce enough heat for it to work. You should apply sufficient pressure for enough time. This explanation should help in understanding how to transfer paper for clothes.

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