What is Cyst? Important for Woman

Cysts are benign tumors wrapped in a kind of membrane tissue.

These cysts usually contain thick liquid, but some are filled with pus or air.

Cysts can grow anywhere, such as skin bones or even muscles.

The shape can resemble organs such as the brain, kidney or ovary.

As a woman, you don’t overlook and consider it trivial.

These are 6 signs of cyst disease that you should be aware of. If you experience it, don’t wait to see a doctor.

Extraordinary pain in the lower abdomen.

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Women usually feel pain during menstruation. But the cyst is indiscriminate, he will make you still feel like you’re not menstruating.

Pain in the lower back to the thighs.

Cysts that are enlarged and not immediately treated will make you feel extreme pain even to the thighs.

If you experience pain like this when you don’t fall or stumble, you might get a cyst.

Very large and irregular periods and vaginal bleeding.

This is caused by the endometrial surface area which is thicker and causes uterine contractions to be disrupted so that bleeding occurs.

If you experience it, don’t hesitate to see a doctor.

Enlarged stomach.

Even if you have defecated, you feel your stomach is enlarged for no apparent reason.

That could be because the cyst has enlarged. In fact, you can feel the cyst under your stomach because the lump is enlarged. Don’t just stay quiet and get it checked.

Feel full or heavy in the abdomen even though you are not pregnant.

Because the cyst looks like a bag that has contents, it is only natural that you will feel objection and fullness in the abdomen when you have this disease.

If you feel it even though you are not pregnant, chances are that you have a cyst.

Stomach feels like being pressed from the inside.

This occurs because of enlargement of the cyst or myoma.

Because he is enlarged, not only will it make your stomach feel pressed, but later you will also experience problems urinating and large too.

Do not underestimate especially not care about your own health.

By knowing all the signs, you can just in case you feel one of them.

Can be overcome immediately because you are aware of your situation. If not yourself who cares about the health of your body, who else?

How to get rid of cysts

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Corticosteroid drugs

Usually the doctor will inject corticosteroid drugs into the area.

The purpose of this procedure is to reduce the swelling or inflammation of the cyst.


The doctor will advise patients to take antibiotics if the cyst that appears is infected.

Antibiotics are also given if there is an indication that the patient has a sexually transmitted infection.

Soak with the sitz bath method

This is a medical procedure by soaking in a tub of warm water three to four times a day.

This method often used to treat bartolin cysts can make the cyst shrink and disappear.


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This method is done with the aim of removing fluid from the cyst.

The doctor will use a tool in the form of a needle inserted into the cyst and then suck the cyst fluid into the syringe tube.

One method is used to treat ganglion cysts.

Underwent surgery

Surgery is the last choice for doctors to treat cysts.

The operation can be a small operation or major surgery, especially if the cyst is in an organ in the body that is difficult to reach.

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