Megalomania: Power Thirsty Psychiatric Disease, These Are 7 Facts!

Some of this time you must have heard and seen the term megalomania on social media. A term that is quite foreign to our ears and is busy talking because it was touched upon in the nuances of the recent elections. The question now, is it megalomania? Here’s the scientific explanation!

1. Megalomania is a psychiatric disorder associated with power

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In the journal entitled “THE MEGALOMANIAC TRAITS OF PERSONALITY: personality disorder, psychotic delusion or what? An ethological interpretation “is explained if megalomania is a person who is self-centered or prioritizes themselves and does not hesitate to eliminate the surrounding to be able to dominate the environment he lives in. The aim is none other than to promote himself as a protector of the community which in turn will lead to exploitation.

2. Megalomania is very difficult to think critically

Hearing the definition of megalomania, there is a bit of a shadow towards portraying fraudsters, but megalomania and con artists are clearly different. Deceiters move in a systematic, orderly and mindful manner.

Unlike the case with megalomania. Those who suffer from this syndrome, are run by an egocentric feeling of superiority and a tendency to attack what they consider to be opponents. As a result, they are difficult to think critically in accepting reality.

3. There are similarities that can be seen from megalomania with the dominant male in the animal world

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Psychologists see the tendency of many megalomania to come from the animal world where the group leader always looks aggressive. However, it does not mean that megalomania sufferers are only available to men. Megalomania can also be obtained by women and on average it appears from the masculine side they have and stands out.

4. Megalomania is arguably part of narcissism

Looking at the self-centered egocentric side, many experts see megalomania as narcissism in extreme conditions. In this condition, they see themselves as more capable, powerful, and high figures in many ways. This egocentric problem is actually also felt by normal people, but it can happen after they find some kind of evidence in the real world that strengthens that feeling.

5. Megalomania sufferers can even go to an unreasonable stage

A severe case of megalomania sufferers is that they are able to consider and recognize themselves as prophets or saviors of this world. That is because superiotas that lead into themselves without seeing the reality that exists. To strengthen this, they also tend to challenge leaders in their environment and openly destroy them psychologically in front of community members.

6. In order to fulfill their egocentricity, they tend to turn reality

Megalomania strongly defends the ideas he has. Even if attacked by others, they will not see their own mistakes and will instead look for attachments to the opponent’s ideas.

But in expressing ideas, they can limit them on the condition that the real evidence is contrary to their very large ideas. As long as it doesn’t exist, the megalomania will continue to try to change reality.

7. For this reason, megalomania prefers to gather with people who are less intelligent than them

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In their privacy lives, megalomania likes to gather with those who have a lower level of intellectuality because it makes them feel their superiority. People who need help are also liked by them because it is easier to influence their ideas.

Instead, megalomania avoids people who unhesitatingly raise opposing ideas and cause conflict. That is, the biggest enemy of a megalomania is another megalomania.

8. Behind its ugliness, many Megalomania sufferers are great people in history

Looking at some of the characteristics, experts see this side of megalomania mostly owned by people who have strong names in history. For example Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Rasputin, Kim Jong Il, even the current American president Donald Trump.

That is the explanation and at least the characteristics of a megalomania. Do you see these characteristics in people around you? To deal with problems from these kinds of people, it’s best not to jump on them, but try to communicate with others and find solutions together.

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