Recognize Chrometophobia, a Phobia that makes People Afraid of Money

In this world everything needs money, both to fulfill primary, secondary and tertiary needs. This makes everyone love money, and vying to get a lot of money, in order to be able to meet their needs and lifestyle.

But it turns out, there is a psychological disorder that can cause someone to be afraid of money. This psychological disorder is called Chrometophobia. Well, here is a complete review of Chrometophobia.

1. A rare phobia that makes sufferers afraid of money

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Chrometophobia comes from Greek, namely ‘chrimata’ which means money, and ‘phobos’ which means fear, so that when combined it means fear of money. Chrometophobia sufferers will find it difficult to use money.

They are afraid of the responsibilities that arise because of money, as well as the power that money can have, making them really unable to buy anything, so it will be difficult for them to take care of themselves.

This has a huge influence on their lives, considering that money is an important thing to survive in the world. Chrometophobia is a fairly rare phobia, compared to other phobias, such as aerophobia (fear of flying) or cynophobia (fear of dogs), because given the fact that money is important to survive in the world.

2. Most sufferers live on the streets and people who have little money

Most sufferers of Chrometophobia are people who live on the roadside, like beggars. They tend to be anxious about the little money they have, so they have assumed that money is a bad thing. As a result, they will receive more food assistance than money to buy food.

Apart from people who live on the roadside, people who have little money are also susceptible to this rare phobia, because their mindset is not much different from those who live on the roadside, that money is something bad, because of the value of money they have only a few and fear the adverse effects of the power of money on their lives later.

3. Sufferers will show symptoms such as extreme anxiety, dizziness, sweating, and nausea

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As with other phobias, the symptoms of Chrometophobia sufferers depend on their level of fear. Symptoms that commonly appear in phobia sufferers fear this money is extreme anxiety when seeing or holding money, which will eventually make them feel other symptoms such as dizziness, sweating and nausea.

4. Environmental, genetic, brain chemistry, and life experience factors play a major role in the development of Chrometophobia

Although the main cause of this phobia is still not known with certainty, but several factors such as genetics, environment, brain chemistry, and life experience, provide considerable development in Chrometophobia.

For example, just like someone who has a family member who has a history of mental disorders such as anxiety disorders, then that person is at higher risk of suffering from this rare phobia. Likewise with other factors such as life experiences. Someone who experiences a traumatic experience in the past, is also at high risk if you get this phobia.

5. Chrometophobia can be treated with gradual exposure therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy

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Although this phobia has a huge influence on everyday life and is quite rare, it does not mean that this phobia cannot be overcome. The same is true for other mental disorders, which are treated with therapy, as well as Chrometophobia.

Chrometophobia sufferers can get medical assistance such as exposure therapy which is done in stages, or can also be with cognitive behavioral therapy. Both of these therapies can reduce many of the symptoms that arise from this mental disorder.

In addition, these therapies are also more effective in dealing with mental disorders, compared to medical treatment that uses drugs, which have side effects, which are feared to aggravate the condition of the sufferer. In addition, drugs also cannot cure phobias, because they are only temporary.

Well, that’s the review of Chrometophobia, which is money phobia. Wow, it turns out there are also those who don’t like money!

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